July 5, 2017

When I was little, I grew up in Golden. When we'd go to Calgary we would stop in Cochrane and get Ice Cream. Cochrane is an interesting city. It's a big city but when you are in the historic downtown area where MacKay's Ice Cream is in, you'd think it was a tiny village. It's fantastic and in the be...

July 5, 2017

As the furthest North mainland community in Canada, Tuk is pretty remote. The all seasons road will be open later this year, but until then there was the ice road in the winter, the planes year round (weather permitting) and barges in the summer. Because it's so remote and small, you wouldn't expect...

June 28, 2017

It's a whirlwind up here. And that's just describing the weather!

My time in Tuk is down to it's last week. Friday was high school grad, Monday was kindergarten grad. 

Sunday I had the opportunity to go to a whale harvest! A 15+ foot Beluga whale had been caught in the harbour and was being harvested!...

June 19, 2017

When people come to Tuk in the summer, there is a photo they all take: the quintessential, dipping your toe in the Arctic Ocean picture. Except they're usually still wearing winter clothes. 

Not me, I'm the big tough Viking. (Though Icelanders thought I was crazy and under dressed when I was there......

The cannery cats were a big part of cannery life and were said to have descended from the cats across the Skeena at Old Ben's place. The cats  were very hard to catch if you were stupid enough to even try.  Every so often you would find a new litter of fresh babies in places like the net loft....

Living out on a river several kms from a hospital was in itself a challenge for my parents. My mother was a modern women and had learned her first aid on the job. I was always finding a new way to injure myself .

On one summer's morning I awoke with the bed covers attached to my face. Hearing my muff...

Working at the cannery was not a Monday to Friday kind of job It was more 24/7. However on Sunday my dad did his best to come up with an adventure while Mum was in the city picking up groceries and visiting .

The adventures were many and there was never enough Sundays in the summer. One year my cousi...

Like all small villages at the time, the company store was the hub of activity.  The store was down the boardwalk from the house and it sold everything we needed.

We didn't really shop there, since my mum bought all our provisions in the city from the big supermarkets that were a lot cheape...

Our first summer out at the cannery was the year I turned 9.  As luck would have it there were lots of girls my age that lived out there and they  were seasoned veterans when it came to cannery life.  The one difference was that both their parents worked. The women were either mending nets or workin...

Our visits to the cannery would change in the years to follow as Dad would take us out for adventures in the off season. One of my favourite things to do was dig at the site of the China House. I don't remember the house as a standing structure. It was on the shore. not on pilings, and it housed the...

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