I have failed as a fisherman's daughter and an Icelander

We had a very hot, busy day, after all was said and done Sean, and I went out for dinner. The girls preferred to eat in and watch tv. The owner of the apt we are staying in recommended the restaurant across the street, so off we went. My good friend Susan in Drayton Valley had said she loved the sardines in Portugal. She could not eat enough when she was here. So when I asked our server what he would recommend he happen to say the sardines and the squid. So Sean, ordered the squid and I the sardines. Before the meal arrived a assortment of hor d'oeuveres arrived. We had been told you can just send these back if you don't want them. But hey, we were here for the full meal deal. So we tried the Lima beans, grilled sausage, bread, salad and olives, all of which were great. We ordered a bottle of local Cabernet sauvignon only because we like red wine. It was a silver award winner for 2014 in Brussels, well that sounds fancy! It was 4.50 euros a bottle. I am sure a bottle of water costs more back home. My five sardines arrived with boiled potatoes and Sean's squid had the same accompaniment.

As many of you know I was brought up in Prince Rupert eating a lot of fish. There was a time I stood on the side lines at North Pacific Cannery watching the truck loads of herring arrive. Or the many night shifts on the line at the Co-op fish cannery. My first taste of Sardines took me back to those days. When the fish smell never left your hair, but you were fine with that because you were making a $ figure most people could not imagine in 1980 My dad loved fish and potatoes and would tell us that it put hair on our chest {which I never wanted}. So here we were in a wonderful restaurant that was bursting at the seams with locals, you could not ask for a fresher meal and I was reliving my days outside the reduction plant. Sean thought the Sardines were cooked to perfection and his squid was amazing. Me, not so much but I ate them thinking that the taste would grow on me. What did amaze me that the whole meal for the 2 of us cost 21.00 euros. On a lighter note the girls love Portuguese pizza not a single complaint or left overs.


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