Girls Road Trip!! Norway 2016!

I am off to Noway for an adventure with a girl friend. "Why Norway?", everyone asks. Well, a few reasons, Norwegian desserts dominated our family Christmas dessert tray with Krumkake and Lefse.

And then there is the Cross Country Ski thing, my favourite winter sport. So really that is more then enough reason to go explore a new country.

We are flying over on Icelandic Air. This is my fourth time with this airline and would highly recommend it. There was just one issue as the flight coming home from Iceland to Edmonton was not full and I am now being re-routed through Seattle. Not the best and I wish they would have given me the choice of staying in Iceland until the next flight to Edmonton.

Our adventure is for a week, and as usual I have pre-booked us a few things. Oslo has a amazing Concert Hall so we have tickets to listen to the Philharmonic orchestra one evening.

I also discovered that one of the top train trips in the world is the Oslo to Bergen trip. So we are heading to Bergen. The trip from Oslo is long about 6 to 7 hours so we will have plenty of time to catch up whilst looking out the window. The tickets were a real deal as I booked early. The challenge was paying for them. The online system would not take my credit cards. I did managed to speak to a very nice Norwegian lady and she made it all happen. It seems that North America and Australian credit cards do not work in the Norwegian online payment scheme.

Our accommodation is through Air B&B . I booked our Oslo apartment with a young lady so we are staying with someone. Originally I was going solo on this trip and was thinking it would be nice to be hosted. Gaby used to be in the travel industry and her reviews were wonderful. I have communicated with her on and off getting tips and she was the one who suggested Bergen for a few days. Our spot in Bergen is in the old town as well and we are on our own.

So let the adventure begin. I am really looking forward to the Edvard Munch museum, Vigeland sculpture park .The City Hall where the Nobel Peace prize is presented in December, fish lots of fish and the coffee bars.


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