Our Adventure in Norway. The girls road trip begins. Part 2

We are off to Norway! There are a few hiccups along the way, but it is never a good story without hiccups. I am travelling Icelandair for the 4th time in 3 years. I have to keep reminding myself that cheap flights do come at a cost.

So when Sharon texts me to say there had been yet another change in our flights I am not surprised. Her flight from Vancouver would not be stopping in Edmonton, we would go to Iceland on separate planes. So far we were still on the same flight to Oslo, fingers crossed.

We did finally find each other at the boarding gate in Iceland and all was good. It is hardly a girls road trip if the girls never meet up. We had one more flight to Oslo from Iceland and yet again we would not be seated together. I however sat with a lovely Icelandic gentleman, like most Scandinavian people he spoke many languages and inquired which languages I spoke. UGH! I hate having to admit that I just speak English. British English or American he inquires? Canadian. We chatted about many things and I mentioned that we were taking the train to Bergen in a few days. He wondered if I had heard about the rail strike. Noooooo I had not. Oh yes it is rotating everyday different trains you just never know which one, he informs me. Great! Well, I hope we don't have to walk from the airport into town. When we arrive in Norway our train is running and with great efficiency we are whisked off to Oslo. ( Note to self: find out about rail strike). My first impression of Oslo is the temperature is perfect. Yes it is late October and it is +10c but to me that is perfect. It is also very quiet. Oslo is a small city (pop 618,683) and you sense that right away. It is not noisy or smelly is just seems calm. There is a plan in Oslo to ban cars in the city center by 2019, you can tell they are moving towards this as the air is much cleaner in this city then any other I have ever been to.I have walking directions to our flat but we both decide that a taxi would be the best choice.

Neither of us really wants to walk the wrong way dragging our luggage. Tipping is not required in Norway according to my sources, but it is a very quick trip and we don't mind tipping. As long as it is not a insult I don't see the harm. We have instructions on were to find the key to our flat. We both have a giggle when we find it, as Norway is obviously very trusting and built on the honour system. I like that

After a quick shower we head out to explore. The first thing on our list is something to eat. I can't quite remember when I last ate so before I chew off my own arm we need a restaurant. Our flat is located in a lovely residential area and there are a few spots to choose from, we decide on Smalhans.

We are not disappointed, the veggie burger is divine and so is the restaurant. We managed to get in on the lunch menu but as we are leaving the dinner menu is being served and we both think we will need to come back here again. After our amazing lunch/dinner we head out to see our neighbourhood and it is lovely.

Everything is so clean and spotless. People are heading home from work on their bikes, walking or on the bus. There are very few cars so the calmness prevails. Our waiter had advised us to head to St. Hanshaugen

park and walk to the top of the hill, so we would be able to see the city. It is lovely and we see tomorrows destination" the waterfront".


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