Our Adventures in Norway. Rail strike or no Rail strike? Part 6

It is early morning and we are heading down to the train station. Gaby has kindly kept our big luggage at her place as we will be returning to Gaby’s Air B&B in a couple of days.

We arrive at the station to stand and stare at the departure board. Our train is not listed yet and I am making my requests to Odin in my head ( please no strike, please no strike). So while we wait it is time for a coffee at the yummy smelling bakery. Much to our delight they are giving away croissants with our coffee.

I love Oslo it is so calm and it feels familiar, it’s like I have been here before. Finally our train comes up on the board, platform 14 yippee we’re going. We rush down to the platform as if the rail company will change their mind if we don’t run. It is a small world as we meet up with our tourist friends again. Abby, her partner and his mum are headed to Bergen as well with a over night in Flam. We hug and promise to meet up again in Bergen.Months ago when I was planning this trip to Norway, I had asked Gaby what she thought I should do with my 7 days. She suggested adding a trip to Bergen or Tromso for a couple of days. In researching cities Bergen had just what I was looking for in an adventure outside of Oslo. This particular train ride was rated as one of the best in the world so that helped with how I would get there. I have been spoiled in the past with amazing scenery in Canada. Living in the Purcell mountain range and being able to lunch when ever we wished at Emerald Lake or hike up toTakakkaw falls on a whim therefore my expectations are high for this 7 hour train trip.

Our tickets once again show we are not sitting together, this must be a Norwegian thing so you make can new friends. The trains ticket lady tells us she will figure it out not to worry. As we descend into the mountains we stop at a lot of towns to gather more and more passengers. Arriving in the ski town of Voss to pick up the bulk of them. Sharon and I can see the 500 or so school kids running with their very large Helly Hansen duffel bags and once again I am requesting help from Odin. “Please make them sit in another car please”. Nope they are sitting with us all of them the only people missing would be the teachers and they are sitting in another train car. Oh goody! The scenery out our window is breathtaking but it is broken up with lots and lots of tunnels.I wish we could get out and walk around. Or shop as we stop in the town of Dale home to the factory that makes the iconic Dale Sweater.

It is a Beautiful day when we arrive in Bergen. I am armed with a copy of directions to our accommodations but they make absolutely no sense at all. So we depend on the lovely locals that are so kind and helpful. In fact they are so kind and helpful a lovely gentlemen is helping us and another one joins to make sure we don’t need extra help. Good thing Sharon is paying attention because I just hear running water and rainbows

We find our flat, it is in the most beautiful area. I just stand there in awe, I sure got this one right. Our host is not home but has sent me instructions on how to get in. I want to cry I love it so much! We drop our bags freshin up and head to the waterfront. I have been staring at the wallpaper on my computer for months of the houses in Bergen, now I can see them for real. October is a wonderful time to visit Bergen, it is warm about +13 and sunny but very few tourist around . The fall colours seem to match the colours on the buildings on the waterfront. We stroll around the waterfront and the beautiful area of Bryggen.

It is a reminder of the city’s importance as a part of the Hanseatic League, and has a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Since we are here in October most of the museums are not open. But the weather is so lovely one hates to be inside any how.

We start looking for a restaurant for dinner and decide on Bryggen Tracteursted . It is tucked in the back of the row of colourful businesses, through the very old and restored alleyway. One of the best parts of travelling with a friend are the wonderful meals we have shared together and the peer pressure that gets me to try new things. Tonight we will feast on whale and PRINSEFISK Dampet Torskefilet på Asparges, garnert med Hummer servert med Hvitvinssaus og kokte Poteter. – “PRINCE FISH” Steamed Cod filet on Asparagus, garnished with Lobster served with White Wine sauce and boiled Potatoes. What a amazing dinner. Now for another stroll back to our flat and the anticipation of tomorrow’s run up Fløyen.


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