Our Adventures in Norway.Finding the Scream. Part 5

We both have enjoyed our beautifully presented meal at the Scotsman. We have about 2 hours left before the performance at the Concert hall. So we head down Karl Johans Gate towards the Royal Palace. We are going to the National Gallery to see if another version of the Scream is on display.

We have walked a lot today and I have chosen the wrong footwear as I am sure 2 of my toes have detached themselves and floating freely in my boots. There really is no time to change so I make a mental note never to bring these boots on holidays again. Upon arriving, at the gallery it is much to our financial gratitude that Thursday is FREE day and we are waved in. It is hard to tell how large this gallery and we really don't have time to see everything or so I think. I decide to inquire with one of the guards were the Scream is located. She gives me the eyeball roll as to say " ugh there is so much more to see then the Scream" and I know that, and I know we should enjoy it all 'but...but...but'. We find the Scream and it is amazing. The expression pretty much sums up how I am feeling about my feet at that moment! There are a lot of fabulous Munch paintings to enjoy in the Dance of Life collection and others.

This Gallery has many very important pieces by some very important artists and I have a sense of panic that we won't spend the time needed for such a incredible gallery. I then tell myself this is not a "bucket list trip" I have no intentions of saying "been there done that." I can come back here bring Sean and the girls, or come back again with Sharon. Why panic? see what you can see and then plan another trip and see some more. Just enjoy it! Phew! Panic over!

After seeing the works of Degas, Cezanne, Monet Picasso and many others I am most taken with the works by the neo romanic painter Harald Sohlberg. Sharon was captured by the painting Winter Night in the Mountains. I fell in love with Streets in Roros . I wish we had more time here but I fill my shopping bag at the gift shop, stop and gaze and the amazing French Salon coffee shop and we are off to the Opera house.

The part were I am the great organizer can back fire sometimes. I really wanted to see a performance in the amazing Opera house but sometimes over confidence or lack of knowledge can mess things up a little. We arrive at the Opera house with our tickets with time to spare and run into our tourist friends from the subway. I inquire if they are taking in tonight's performance with the Oslo philharmonic and they said no but they thought it was Madame Butterfly tonight....... Sharon and I go and check out the amazing exterior of the building and I recall a article that since Norway was not part of the EU they don't have to worry about the health and safety rules that the member of the EU do, so when it comes to building codes they are much freer. You can note this and appreciate the fact that the architect had less constraints on his/her creativity when designing this building. Since I have the inability to stay vertical on slippery surfaces I have chosen not to climb to the top and slide down!

But this Madame Butterfly thing is nagging in the back of my head. Sure enough when we check at the ticket office we have the wrong venue and 20 minutes to find the correct venue Taxi Taxi !!

We make it with a few minutes to spare. Since my wish was to just see and enjoy a performance in the Opera house I was not to fussy about what it was. And since the Harry Potter evening of music started at 6 and was on the only day we had available that seem to work for me. I didn't really take into account that this evening was really meant for Harry Potter fans that are looking forward to the up coming release of Fantastic Beasts and were to find them. Yes we are spending the evening with lots of young Norwegian Harry Potter fans all dressed in costume for the occasion. Poor Sharon I don't think she was expecting this. The performance was very good but we did forgo the photo op with Hagrid.

Since the performance was for the young of age it is done in a hour and really that is just perfect. Because now we have time for another amazing meal at Smalhans.


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