Today I stood on the Arctic Ocean

-31 today? No biggie.

I'm at the B&B and so are two Germans (well one lives in Calmar, but the other is from Munich) They're photographers/videographers and they drove up here from Calmar in 5 days!!! They've taken some amazing pictures and videos of the North as they drove on the Alaska and Dempster highways.

They wanted to go down to the Ocean to get some pictures and invited me to come along. We actually went down the hill (and all fell) and stood on the Ocean itself. Their pictures will be much better I'm sure.

We got wonderfully lost trying to find the Northmart and my house, but eventually found it. The grocery prices are not that ridiculous, especially compared to Drayton Valley... Also they totally have lactose free milk. The biggest difference is that they sell pelts in the store. And they're BEAUTIFUL and lovely.

I went to the hamlet office to try and figure out utilities, but they were closed. We also saw the radio station and pretty much everywhere. The Germans are headed back down to Calmar now and we exchanged info and I promised to send them photos of Tuk in the Summer.


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