The winds are howling

No fun updates today. I'm still in the B&B.

I planned to go out for a walk, get a post box, mail a letter, get some stamps, get utilities transferred, all sorts of fun to-do list stuff. After all, the weather forecast said it would be only -11.

And then I hear it, the wind. It's ridiculously loud, I worry the house will blow over. I look out the window and see nothing. Later, I can see the wind blowing the snow through the sky.

I google and discover that the wind is going 50 km/hr.

I already know that I have no sense of direction. To walk in a white out blizzard to the post office that I vaguely know the location of in wind that is too fast to blow past a school seems a bad idea.

So I spent the day in my jim-jams. Watched Passengers and February and ate a lot of cereal. Hopefully I get out of the house tomorrow.

Also this B&B is more like bed and some food in the kitchen.

I would post a picture of what it looked like out my window today, but I could just post a black box for the majority of the day and a white box for from 1am-4pm.

Earlier I forgot where/when I was and wanted to go walk down 109th st and get a poutine. Which is funny because it's not like I literally ever did that when I lived in Edmonton hahaha. That's the one thing about moving and travelling so often. When you're in a dark room, on your laptop you could be anywhere. It's easy to forget where you are.


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