First Day of School

So I have no internet or phone service at my house. Today I also had no internet service at school. So I felt pretty cut off.

This morning I was up and cheery and then got SO LOST. I headed out at 6:40 and got to school at 7:20. 4000 steps. It was barely 1500 to walk home once someone gave me directions after school. I walked ALL around the town, probably twice. Needless to say I definitely got my 10K steps today. In snowpants and a parka in +4. So I sweated my hair curly…

The staff is so welcoming and lovely. It helps that so many are new so there’s less judgement on the newbie. The Junior kindergarten teacher is young too and so nice. I have an E.A in the morning and she is delightful and so helpful, she’s been in kindergarten for years and knows it all. And for cultural activities and curriculum it’s so nice to have her. I have students doing work experience the rest of the

day, including a mom who’s finishing her grade 12. I also have two girls doing 3 week practicums starting next month and the month after. So LOTS of support. Plus the program support teacher and the counselors and the Inuvialuktun teacher. It’s wonderful.

Today I only had 4 kids in the morning. We coloured and read stories and played games where I tested their knowledge of their numbers and letters. They’re very clever kids and are ahead of where I expected from the former teachers long range plans. I had 4 more come after lunch. It was so nice outside so we went out for long recesses. I love that they have an hour off to go home for lunch. I wish I had internet so I could get my plans and ideas in order, but it’s the first week back so we’ll take it slow and play a lot and introduce more sight words. Imma have these kids reading and writing. They totally can.

The kids were SO good. I’m shocked. Like they weren’t testing me and being loud and refusing to listen. They were so respectful and just the best you could expect from kindergarten. I love them.

The grade 8 girls think I’m cool. Which is fun. One asked me if I’d had plastic surgery because my lips are so big and I’m pretty. They’re all the same height as me, the Inuvialuit kids are very tall. One 8th grader

complimented my eyeliner and I told her it was just waterproof brow liner because I knew I’d get lost and my eyes would stream and I didn’t want to start school looking like Alice Cooper. And she said, sorry, Who is Alice Cooper. And I felt so old. And then I remembered it’s usually a Cougar Town reference and I just felt lame. But I made them laugh a lot in a genuine way. Honestly, I think it’s just cos I wear lipstick. I swear everyone thinks you make an effort and are glam if you wear lipstick.

I’m excited to clean up my classroom, the teacher before the teacher before me had a LOT of stuff, the teacher before me cleaned a lot of it up, but there’s lots left. I just need my internet in order!!!!!

As I was walking out the door today a teacher called out “Hannah are you going home?” “Yeah trying to.” “You’re going the wrong way! Go down that street and then turn right at the fire hall” So now I know how to get to and from work in under an hour, hahahaha.

Finally got to the post office and mailed my rent cheque and got a P.O Box! Now I can get mail. Like a


Also I found out that a whole bunch of the teachers were trying to text me to come to New Years or welcome me to town and I just didn’t get any of it because ROGERS/SPEAKOUT IS LITERALLY THE ONLY CARRIER THAT HAS NO SERVICE HERE… And I went grocery shopping.

Then I made some egg drop soup and ate that and an apple and went to bed. So I’m writing this and watching Parks and Rec. I’ve downloaded Amy Schumer’s book on my phone and its really good so far. I have Anna Kendrick’s lined up next.


I’m super alive and having a good time. Soaking some beans for rice and beans tomorrow and pasta and proteins. (Mostly because I don’t know how to cook meat properly and it’s scary. So I’ll just be a lazy vegetarian who eats eggs.


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