More Blizzard I guess?

I'm not very exciting you guys. You're all like, WOW ADVENTURE and I'm like WOW I SPENT TOO MUCH ONLINE SHOPPING.

So Blizzards are bad. It got up to 101 km/hr winds yesterday. But I was all snug as a bug cleaning and organizing my house and putting all my clothes away and such.

And then today I was just puttering around, another teacher invited me to come for a walk since it was nice out, so we went and walked all around (also she brought cake, which is always amazing!!!). The sky is so so beautiful. Pink and blue with a giant moon hanging over the horizon. I can't ever get over it.

I went grocery shopping, got a Brita filter! Mayo for my tuna sandwiches, and 2 bottles of Perrier because it was like $3.00 and I might as well buy the two whitest things one can buy, Mayo and Perrier.

I just saw two big cuts on my shoulder as I was typing. Ghost cat? There's another one on my arm. They aren't deep, but mystery scratches are still weird. Especially when I keep my nails so short

After I got home and put everything away and hung out for a bit there was a knock on my door, I've been invited to dinner by the VP and his wife at their landlords. Dinner was AMAZING. The last time I had Caribou, it was at the Eagle Eye in Golden and I was probably 8. It is so tender and flavourful and the texture is just... yum. And carrots, mashed taters, corn and salad. And then ice cream or trifle with cloudberries for dessert. Like, my belly is so happy. And the conversation was great, like everything is just awesome. And there may be another blizzard/school cancellation tomorrow, so we'll see.

If not, I'll have my phone again and I'll be able to put up some pictures.

Also by "hung out for a bit" You KNOW I mean that I was editing google maps and referencing the Canadian official government/army maps for the streets (also map quest) Because google maps doesn't have any streets labelled in Inuvik and everything is in the wrong spot other than the school. So if you go on google maps and search Tuk in a couple weeks and are like, WOW THAT IS A SURPRISINGLY THOROUGH GOOGLE MAP FOR A HAMLET! You are welcome, and when it is warmer and I have a cellphone plan, I can go throughout town and edit and walk and take pictures.

Oh and so far, free shipping to Tuk is a fun game to play. Simons is free shipping right now. Old Navy is over $50. Some Amazon that is not sold directly by Amazon (they recently kicked us off Prime delivery...)


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