Here, have some pictures.

Alright, let's start with the house. Here is the boiler room. There's a boiler and a hot water tank and a furnace and stuff.

Here's the living room with a nice new couch and a nice table and end table.

This bathroom is literally in a closet in the wall. It is really weird.

Storage closet where I put all the stuff from the kitchen I didn't want to deal with.

The front door from the inside.

Your view as you enter the house.

The kitchen. I have plans, this is the before.

The other bedroom across the hall. Apparently I was too messy to take a picture of my bedroom. I will. It looks the same though, just without a curtain.

Another spare room. I'm using the dresser on the left in my room.

OK, now here's some classroom pics:

My desk view on my first day.

The same view today.

My Desk. I can make it look all neat and pretty for a nice after shot later, but this is the neatest it's been, like ever, so...

Classroom before. It has already come SO FAR!!!!

It's getting better! (This is today) In the box in the right corner, was muffins that one of my students baked and brought for snack time!

Working on a word wall and monthly outcome wall.

On the first day...

Getting a bit better?

And here's some selfies.

Me on my first day

Me today (I'd just got in from recess or something? I'm not sure why my coat is on, maybe I was just about to leave. Yes this was taken 2 hours ago)


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