I have a class of little Goths

I don't want to write much about school, for obvious ethics and confidentiality reasons, but also because it's boring to the reader. Teaching the word "I" this morning and all about Parkas and how our different jackets keep us warm and comparing polyesters to furs is not that thrilling.

However, today was adorable because we're reorganizing and redecorating and I want to make the play house corner more fun. When I asked what they wanted over there?

-Haunted House




-Micheal Myers



-A Crib.

This after all their story journal picture things on Tuesday were about being best friends with boogeymen and ghosts.

So. I've started redecorating the play house and they are ALL ABOUT IT. It is adorbs.

Here is the welcome back Sun project we did:

I folded their papers and gave them orange pink and purple construction paper to rip and create the sun rise and then gave them yellow circles for suns. They then had to copy of the board or trace the high lighter writing that said "Welcome back Sun!"

And using an It's a Small World Alaska paper doll from 1954 that was surprisingly well researched, they coloured in kids with short hair or long hair to be ready for spring and then decorated up their parkas for winter. One student in particular who wears a traditional parka did an incredible job and was so proud he asked to take it home tonight to show off and then I can put it on the wall tomorrow.

The sun rises for the first time in months tomorrow and there's a big photo op at one of the pingos in the afternoon. I'll try to go and get pics. I made a big tissue paper flower sun and put it in the classroom after school today, hanging from the roof.


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