The Skies

Long ago I lived in the mountains. It was beautiful and I never knew how beautiful the skies could be. When I moved to Alberta, specifically Drayton, a world of colours, sunrises and sunsets was opened up to me.

When I moved to Vancouver I realized how much I missed that wide open expanse of sky that goes on forever in the prairies and lights up with colour. I felt boxed in by the mountains and trapped by the forests and sky scrapers.

In the north, the skies are everything you could dream. I'll post pictures but they're not good enough. The closest you can get to experiencing them without coming up here is to view a J.M.W Turner painting. (Just google Turner Skies).

I posted this on facebook today:

"If you're always watching the ground to make sure you won't trip, you'll miss what's going on in the sky. This sounds poetic but is really just me being annoyed after realizing I've been obliviously walking under Northern Lights in the mornings. Finally saw a bit of them this morning and it was like CAUGHT YOU!"

I still haven't seen good Northern Lights, just green streaks.

But I do get to see Northern Sunrises.... And damn.

(I took these when the kids were at recess around 10:30 am)


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