Apology and Glove Making.

My phone broke so I don't have any pictures to share. And I'm sick so I don't really have any stories to share that aren't school related. Which are dull to non-teachers/confidential.

March 1-4 I'm going to Inuvik for a P.D day for an On-The-Land activity. We're going dogsledding, ski-dooing and I think a bit of Arctic Orienteering. So that will be a quality post.

I'm working on a pair of gloves that I started at the ladies sewing circle in town (which I failed to show up to on a regular basis because it was at 7 and I keep falling asleep). They're pretty amazing so far. Seal tops, cow hide palms and beaver cuffs. I hope to high five a vegan with them.

I do have a few pictures of that that Jana took:

Pattern Pieces

Cut out palms from old cow hide and seal pelts.

Tracing out the pattern onto seal skin

Working with a fantastic local to get my pattern pieces properly aligned with the pattern and direction of the fur.

With my cowhide to cut the palms. I wish I'd got to use the nicer dark leather, but it was all being used.

Stretching a beaver pelt. First you wet the skin and then stretch and nail it down to a board to block it. Once it's dried it's much much bigger. Yes there were many jokes to be made. Also if you've been to an old fur trading fort, know that the smell is beaver. Even 150 odd years later.

At the sewing circle ladies were also making muskrat hats. Here are the muskrat pelts all lined up. Once I'm finally done my first glove I'll add a picture.


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