Dog Sledding

So yesterday was amazing. We left the initial cabins and half of us went dog sledding and half snowmobiling on little Bravos.

I started with dog sledding, I wanted to be more awake and alert and less sore for that. We dogsledded across the lakes and through the forests. It was amazing. The dogs were so cute and so hard working. Their little tongues flying backwards as they ran… I fell off once, they went up on the side of a drift and I biffed it. Belly flopped. Luckily I was at the back, so the caboose skidooer guide was able to help. The dogs stopped, and then I fell again before I even got back on, haha. It was definitely a worthy experience.

Then we got up to the off-the-grid cabin. Reminded me of Osland. There’s a wood fired hot tub that we got to use. It was SO NICE to have, we spent a couple hours in there watching the Northern lights start up a bit. Some of the dogs were allowed to come in and there’s several pictures of me spooning various dogs and I pet them so much that my legs were covered in fur. They were so loving and wonderful and I got lots of hugs and kisses.

The next morning we had brunch and went snowshoeing. I fell at least 7 times… It was all barely broken trail, as in the guy in front was breaking the trail. One of the teachers stepped through her snowshoe.

​ But going back on the trail was fast and more fun. Very very very very sweaty. Then we got to go snowmobiling and it was SO FUN! We raced and zoomed all around over lakes and hills and through the trees. As we zipped through the trees it felt like Return of the Jedi when they’re zipping through Endor. It was amazing.

​ We got back to the chalet and hung out until everyone was back. We found out that the road was closed to Tuk, after another blackout and blizzard with snowdrifts up to 3 feet. So we stayed at the Arctic Chalet another night and then in the morning we got ready and checked and the road is still closed. We went into town for breakfast and stopped at some shops and we’ll find out at 5 if we get to go or if we’re staying another night. If we are, the owner of the chalet/cabins has told us that we can pay half price until we can get out, because it’s not like she’s getting any other business with the roads all closed. It’s been a fun time, a bit stressful obviously, but we’ve had 5 of us all together, drinking, playing card games and just having a great time despite being stranded without internet or TV. It’s quality.


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