The road has been closed for a week now. The blizzards have been wild. The winds got up to 90km/hr in Tuk. Today (Monday) I was finally able to get a temp burner phone until my real smart phone arrives in the mail. So I’m now the homeless teacher with the super rad flip phone. I gotta bling it out. But it charges in 5 minutes and gets reception everywhere, so it’s definitely worth owning regardless. Today we discovered that we must fly out tomorrow or risk being declared A.W.O.L. 6 teachers have their trucks out here and we’ll be flying in to our afternoon classes. And just crossing our fingers that we will get on the plane and that the plane can take off and land… So that’s going to be a fun tomorrow… And then it’s back to real life. I’m going to have to cancel all my utilities, deal with my lease being over, get everything packed and out of my lease and house and into the world of couch surfing and house sitting for 12 weeks. Hopefully I’ll get my contract renewed and hired on for next year and then I’ll be able to talk to the Housing corp and get an actual place to live, but who’s going to lease for 3.5 months? I wouldn’t.

We moved to a different family room at the chalet and now have satellite. We’ve watched a lot of game shows, food network and movies. We’ve tried pretty much all the restaurants in Inuvik, have met up with everyone, ate our weight in Junk Food and ran out of money. We were fortunate enough to be invited to dinner at the former superintendent and current mayor’s house, which was delicious Caribou stew, chili, bannock and cornbread. Hurray for real food.

These entries will hopefully begin to be posted as of Tuesday March 7th, but we’ll see what Mother Nature thinks.

Update from March 9th. We got in. All is good. Couch surfing currently, but all is awesome.

Also MASSIVE credit to Jana Kasparova for the incredible photos:


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