Sun Dawgs yo!

Yesterday I was just hanging out, maxing, relaxing all cool, watching the new Evil Dead with Mike and Aman and getting ready to blow their minds with Cabin in the Woods as a double feature when our lovely friend and photographer Jana called. Did we know that there was a Sun Dog outside right now?

What is a Sun Dog you ask? It's like a rainbow around the sun with out a middle, it can look like 3 suns and no one is really that sure why it's called that. It also looks hella rad.

So we went out and it was VERY VERY cold (-42 or something with the wind) and at one point I was like, it's warm and I'm wearing a cool sweater, so I took off my parka. My mother will surely comment below that I am a dumb idiot who is going to get frostbite AGAIN. BUT I DIDN'T, SO THERE!

Pictures were amazing.

Here's Aman and I under the Arctic Ocean sign. We're sitting on the Arctic Ocean you guys. And being hella rad. And I definitely am not freezing my fingers.... Also, before you feel the need to point it out, I am aware that my hands look like that Kristen Wiig SNL sketch. (not an orange cheeto monster....)

Mike, me and Aman watching the Sun Dog. I wanted my hair to be blowing in the wind like Beyonce but it was not to be...

REACH FOR THE SKY! Except for me, who was is going all "And Peggy"

Kickin' Back on the Arctic Ocean. Promoting my new show on ABC. (Just kidding, it would get cancelled after 2 episodes for making no sense and not being very cohesive)

I'm persuading Jana to write a guest post about the 6633 Ultra. She met with the runners and crew and has some great pictures and stories so hopefully we'll see that soon!!!

Also the realization of how easy it is to insert gifs into these posts has probably ruined them forever...


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