Dipping my Toe in the Arctic Ocean

When people come to Tuk in the summer, there is a photo they all take: the quintessential, dipping your toe in the Arctic Ocean picture. Except they're usually still wearing winter clothes.

Not me, I'm the big tough Viking. (Though Icelanders thought I was crazy and under dressed when I was there...) I've done -50, I've been in blizzards and Tornados, I can do anything.

But! It was worth it. Because I went down to the Arctic Ocean in my swimsuit (my one piece though, I'm not that dumb) and I got great pictures (Thank You Jana) and now I can say I did it! In 3 weeks I'll be at the much hotter Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. So I just need to hit the Pacific so I can do all the Oceans that touch Canada for 150. From Sea to Sea to Sea.

Here's my "Dipping my Toe" picture. Pingos in the background.

Here's a silly little mermaid sitting on a rock with my toes on a piece of ice.

Feet totally in the Ocean, hanging out by chunks of ice. Looking vaguely the same colour as the chunks of ice... (this ghost needs a tan!)

Getting my Ariel on.

I love this picture. It's so pretty the sun on the ice.

Fun bird fact. If you're in Tuk, and you see little birds that look like little ducks swimming in the lake with red throats? They're called Phalaropes, locally "Doolicks" (Not the right spelling obvs, but that's how the kids say it). I did a big lesson on birds and ducks. We talked about how the boys are always more colourful than the girls. We went out and watched the birds and ducks and narrated their adventures. Then I googled what these birds were! Turns out Phalaropes are one of the only birds where the GIRL is the colourful one! So it turned into a better lesson about always learning more and not always being correct. The kids are adorable to watch as they practice their duck and goose calls and watch the birds like a movie. It's breeding season so there are LOTS of birds and nests up here.

I'd definitely recommend Tuk to Birdwatchers.


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