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The Adventures of Hannah. A teacher

One never knows what the day will hold or where your children will go. Our oldest first went North all the way to Tuktoyaktuk, then to the little village of Joussard. But none of the job postings in the north or in Alberta could offer one essential thing. A continuing contract! So one must look else where. So all the way down Yellowhead 16 came an amazing offer...


A continuing contract with all the perks in a place that once offered my family opportunity many years ago. So Hannah is moving to the city I moved away from 38 years ago to start my adventure. She is moving to Prince Rupert.

So at the end of August with her dad who also started a new adventure this past week called freedom 55 or retirement, they will pull the u haul down highway 16.

Now the favour asking. She will need help getting settled and any ideas of a place to live whether it be an apartment or a basement suite. Perhaps you know someone who needs a room mate. All and any help will be appreciated for this new Rupertite.

She is really looking forward to this new adventure as it offers stability and a chance to build a community of friends and family, and access to great food and adventures. Quite far from her own family but one never know where we will be in the coming years as Sean chases the Ironman or some other race.

For now our youngest has to finish high school and decide where she will go.


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